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The Judges Cup is NAWGJ-NYN's main source of income for our organization.
Our goal is to facilitate a well run, rewarding experience for all athletes, coaches and parents!



LEVEL 6-10


All Xcel Levels





Masking is required for everyone - Spectators & gymnasts alike, regardless of vaccination status.

Gymnasts may remove masks to perform.

New Exciting Meet Format

We are proud to announce a new format for the 2021 Judges Cup made possible by the state-of-art Bright Raven Facility in Victor, NY. We will be using the Modified Non-Traditional (Modified Capital Cup) format for each session. With two (2) complete sets of equipment within the competition gym we will be able run individual competitions simultaneously. Gym A and Gym B will warm up at the same time. After warm up is completed, the gyms will alternate from Gym A to Gym B until all athletes in the squad have competed. Rotating to the next event will be announced in order to maintain a smooth transition from event to event. These individual meets will be judged by separate two (2) judge panels and receive their own awards. We will do our best to schedule teams with coaching issues in mind, but please know that this may not always be possible. We are asking clubs to have adequate coaching staff available in case they have athletes scheduled in both competitions in one session.

Awards, Critique Sheets & Gymnast Gifts


  • Placement medals will be given for all levels up to half the number of participants in each age group for each event. 

  • Trophies will be awarded to the all-around winners  representing up to half of the participants in each age group.

  • A Judges Cup 2021 Participating Certificate with ribbons based on scores will be given to all Level 2, Level 3 and Xcel Bronze participants. 

Critique Sheet & Gymnast Gifts:

All participating gymnasts in the 2021Judges Cup will receive the following items upon conclusion of the competition:

  • A judges critique sheet with a detailed summary of the overall execution of the athletes routines.

  • A custom made gift made exclusively for the 2021 Judges Cup.

Level 7 Team Challenge Awards:

  • The top six (6) athletes regardless of age in the all-around competition will receive a custom t-shirt at the conclusion of the last Level 7 competition session.

  • Only the athletes (of the 6 qualifying) that commit to attending the National Judges Cup in New Orleans, LA and pay the registration fee will receive a competition Leo and an additional gift. They will pick up their competition attire at the National Judges Cup.

Competition Schedule

A tentative competition schedule will be posted on or around November 10, 2021. The final schedule will be posted after any late registrations are received by November 15, 2021.

Team Competition & Team Awards

  • All clubs with three (3) or more gymnasts per level will be eligible for team awards. The top three (3) scores per event of each team registered will determine the rankings for the team awards. We will not require a designation of eligible team members.

  • Team awards will be awarded to the 1st through 3rd place teams in all sessions and all levels.  

  • Special Note: Any team with more than 18 gymnasts per level may be split into two (2) or more squads or may be split into two (2) different sessions competing at different times. Only one (1) team fee is due under the above circumstance.  

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